Richard Kirkwood with his 14.25 Steelhead that was 28" long.

Connor Walker age 12 with some nice crappie caught at the Marina on the Pennisula.

Just under 10 lb Brown Trout caught on the Mile Creeks.

Her first Brown Trount caught today 10/23/12 was a little over 8lbs.

Here is a nice 13 lb'er that came in today from 16 Mile creek 10/23/12

15 plus pounds with a 20 inch girth and 33 1/4 inches long from 16 Mile 10/11/12

Here's Barry with his 14 plus pound channel Cat that he released right after the picture was taken. Caught on a minnow with a perch rig.

Here is 5 of the 8 we got Saturday that were between 22" and 281/2".

Here is Barry with his 19.3 lb Lake Trout that was catch n release.

Fishing with Bob n Steve we got these perch yesterday in the bay.

Here is Jamie with his perch he caught at Liberty Park yesterday. Weight was 1.10 lbs and was 12" long!

Mike with his first steelhead caught at 16 Mile with a weight of 6 1/2 lbs.

Here is a picture of a very nice steelhead that Ralph Maletto caught yesterday that was 13 3/4lbs. This was one of 31 that he caught. Plus there was another one that was even bigger that he let go.

The next 2 pictures are of Tim Hill with a 11 3/4 lb Brown Trout and a 12 1/2 lb Lake trout caught on 16 MIle. Remember this if you catch a Lake Trout. Take a picture and let it go. They are not good for you to eat. They have the highest pcb & mercury count of all the fish in the Lake.

Here is Bruce Boynton of Latrobe PA, with a 12 1/2 lb Lake Trout he caught out of 16 Mile Creek on 4 lb test using a butter worm. It was 34" long.

Dan Carbaugh from Johnstown PA, 17.75 lb from 20 Mile. Biggest fish this year.

Joe Cravinho 9 1/5 steelie from 4 Mile.

Chuck Simmer 6 1/2 lb brown trout from 4 Mile.
Rodger Pandel 14 1/2 lb 30" steelhead caught at 12 Mile.

Frank Zappella with another monster steelie.
Ed Cieslak of Erie with this brusier weighting in at 14.50 lb steelie. 31 1/2" long

Phat Lam with 2 fish one steelie at 10.68 lbs & a 6 lb brown both from 4 Mile.

Dan Eicheibeger Jr from Jersey Shore PA caught this 10.78 lb steelhead. Here are few more pictures that were taken recently.

Congratulations to Celena on landing this 30", 15.14 lb Brown trout while casting spoons in the lake at the mouth of 20 Mile Creek. This was her very first trout she has ever caught.

Here is a picture of James with one of the many crappie they are catching in the bay from shore. This is an 11 inch crappie.