2/17/2018 hello anglers,ice fishing on the bay is still good off chestnut not sure of misery bay but by tues ice probably wont be safe. eaton has about 9 inches of ice right now. lake pleasant still had ice but not sure of thickness. misery bay will be great for crappie and bluegill fishing once ice is gone. creeks are fishable and fish are in them.anglers are fishing towards the middle off chestnut for perch using minnows,maggots,waxworms. anglers fishing off liberty to the right for perch and toward the middle for walleye. we still have lots of jigs and some other iteams left for ice fishing. anglers fishing for steelhead are using egg sacks,maggots and salted minnows. we also have a page on face book where we put up reports and pictures. don't forget to watch erie extreme tonight on wicu at 7 pm to see kirk go out fishing with bass pro dave lefebre. thank you for all your support happy fishing
1/5/18 Good news for ice fishing. If you would like to ice fish on the creeks it should be thick enough but your on your own to check it out. I had a report of 6 inches on 4 mile creek at the hole near the lake. Eaton resivour has close to 8 inches and the parking lots are plowed. Reports off the stink hole on the bay are close to 15 inches. The head of the bay has 7 to 8 inches. Horseshoe has 8 inches and Misery bay has 8 inches. We have emerald shiners that you can fish with anywhere and fathead minnows and large golden shiners(pike bait). Be sure to watch Erie Extreme on saturday night on channel 12 at 7 pm. Other channels listed in my last report for Pittsburg and  Toronto, Buffalo and Elmira Ny. Its a great local fishing show hosted by bass pro Dave Levebre. Good luck fishing and always be safe on the hard water. Open water on upper 16 mile creek for steelhead and the PAFBC just stocked the breaders in there after they milked the eggs and sperm.  

12/28/17 Have reports of anglers fishing on the head of the bay ice fishing. Right before the really bad weather I had guys reporting catching jumbo perch there. Lake Lebouf at the boat launch has 8 inches of ice. Eaton, I have no reports and waiting for someone to call to say its been plowed by the parking lot. Report is that 16 mile by the lake is frozen so fish above it. Good spots for steelhead are under either bridge or the second falls and possibly along the cement wall. Currently sold out of large pike bait and waiting for delivery on Saturday. Plenty of other live bait. Good luck and stay safe on the hard water. Also have polar pick in stock and ice augers, 6 inch and 7 inch mora. 
My friend is downsizing and selling an 8 inch Eskimo gas auger, aquaview quad underwater camera and a Shapell 2 man ice hut with a seperate sled. The price is firm at $500 and will not seperate. 

12/27/17 So sorry for not putting reports up. Problems logging in. Just went past 4 mile and there is open water down the middle of the creek so if you wanted to fish for steelhead you would have to break the ice and come back in 30 minutes or so. This would be for 12 mile and 20 mile but I,m sure they will freeze solid soon. 16 mile will remain open and has fish. Best baits have been minnows, skein, and egg sacks and single eggs. No reports on ice fishing and I know you anglers are anxious as I am to get some hard water fishing in. If anyone has any updates please let us know. The bay is frozen but dont know how thick, same as horseshoe and Misery bay. We do have emerald shiners and have certified emeralds plus large bait for bass, walleye, pike and muskie this is also certified. We got tons of snow here and finding a place to park might be an issue. Our parking lot is plowed and we are still open 7 days a week from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm. We have ice fishing tackle and live bait for all your fishing needs. Thank you for your support and good luck fishing. This Saturday the 30th will be the new season of Erie Extreme and its on channel 12 at 7:00 pm this week. The second week will 1/16/18 there will be no show. You anglers from Pittsburg will see the show on the CW, Sundays at 7:00 am, 13 consecutive weeks beginning December 31. Buffalo and Toranto on Fox 29 WUTV Sundays at 7am beginning Dec 31. Elmiria NY ABC WENY sporadic schedule. Hope you all enjoy the show. 

Wave report: click or copy and paste http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.181723498412396&lon=-80.20156860351562&site=cle&smap=1&marine=0&unit=0&lg=en

Here are some pictures that have been on the camera for some time:

5-8-12 Got some great news to share today. Todd Young of Nazerth PA caught a new PA state record Lake Trout while fishing aboard Eyecon II fishing charter out of North East PA with Captain Scott Snyder. The fish was 39 inches long had a girth of 26 inches and the weight was 29.28 lbs. This was caught off the mountain. Hats off guys for a super great catch!

Wave report for the Lake; click on the link below:



Anglers are NOT permitted to utilize the foot bridge at the dam in order to cross the stream at 4 Mile creek.  Anglers must enter the stream from the footpath located on the stream's east side near the Lawrence Park fishing club (between the yellow ropes).

Please remember that the conditions can change from minute to minute or hour to hour.  If we post a report that someone caught fish at some point in time or place, that they may have swam away by the time you get there or the conditions have changed & is no longer fishable, which does happen quite often.