11/06/17 hello anglers creeks are high and muddy right now last nights strom dumped 3 inches of rain. the forcast calls for no more rain till friday so it should be fishable tomorrow tues 11/7/17. creeks that have been popular 4,16,20. 12 mile i think might be messed up because of last nights strom will keep checking on it and let you know when its fishable. anglers have been doing well fishing the lake or the creek this season so far. most popular bait night crawlers,egg sacks and single eggs. anglers have been fishing pennisula marina for perch,bluegills and crappie. south pierperch walleye at the end. east ave boat lauch walleye and some steelhead. don john starting to get some perch but you have to go through them because they are  some of them anyways smaller. the temps are getting cooler so bigger perch should be coming. come check out our store this week for great deals. we still have our reef runners 3/20.00 or deeper reefrunners 3/21.50,fresh smoked steelhead for exchange also. thank you for all your support happy fishing
11/3/2017hello anglers,sorry i have'nt updated in awhile but it's been crazy in here. creeks are a  little high right now but are coming down.. most popular creeks so far this season have been 4,16,20 most popular bait has been night crawlers,maggots and egg sacks.. anglers have been catching alot of fish this week. we have had anywhere from 20 to 30 fish brought in everyday. pennisula marina has been doing pretty good for pan fish,perch south pier towards the end for walleye and perch being caught also. inland lakes have been kinda quite but some anglers are getting out and catching some pan fish. dont forget to stop in for all your tackle needs and yes we have emerald shiners in stock now. we also have smoked fish for trade at 13.25 plus your fish thank you for your support happy fishing
10/22/17 hello anglers,creeks are still low and clear but fish are still being caught. 4 mile creek lower hole,12 mile by the bridge,16 mile lower hole by the lake first water fall and by power plant,20 mile creek lower hole and tomato patch. anglers have been using minnows,single eggs and waxworms. plastics have also been popular mostley berkley trout worms. anglers are still fishing the lake and catching per at 72 fow off the lighthouse. shades i would try 65 fow to 75 fow. anglers are catching perch off the piers but its still a little slower because of warm temps. don john has starting to be a little active for perch also and in front of convention center.come check out our store this week lots of good deals and lots of lures for all kinds of fishing. thanks for all your support. dont forget we will be sponsoring erie extreme this season. happy fishing
10/19/2017 hello anglers,Creeks are low and clear but anglers are catching fish. Most popular Creeks are 20,16 and 4 mile Creeks. 20 mile Creek fish are all the way up to tomato patch. Most popular bait single eggs,egg sacks, nightcrawlers. Please use small bobbers,light line and dark clothes because fish are real spooky. Anglers are catching perch off the piers. Walleye are still being caught off south pier and out in the lake at around 65 fow. Come check us out this weekend lots of smoked fish,reels rods,fly poles,noodle rods. Thank you for all your support happy fishing.
9/30/2017 hello anglers,today on the cw erie extreme will have a special on at 430 pm that the cw it follows the mercuryhurst game. check it out this should be a good one the episode is called horsing around. steelhead are being caught at 4,16 and 20 using egg sack,minnows. bass being caught at liberty park marina. bayfront convention center perch being caught. bluegills being caught off the piers and some perch mixed in. waaleye and perch still being caught off shades at 65 to 75 fow right out of shades and some anglers are fishing in front of shorewood at 64 to 70 fow. the weather is going to get better oct 1 for the rest of the week. dont forget oct 7th meet and greet with dave lefebre at 1130 am to 230 pm. music,prizes and food(while supplies last. happy fishing and thank your for your support
9/26/17 hello anglers,we are looking for a part time fish cleaner who know how to clean all types of fish.,the hours vary depending on the season. anybody that is interested can come to the store for a interview or call to set up a interview.  no is 8983474. this job would be perfect for someone who is laid off or retired. fishing has been pretty good for perch off shades beach at 71 to 73 fow just north of shades or 64 to 70 fow off shorewood.. steelhead are at bottom of 20 mile creek angler said there are about 200 fish in the lower hole. 16 mile fish are staging waiting to come in creek.anglers are using any kind of minnows to catch perch.walleye anglers are using crawler harneses and reef ruuners. dont forget our meet and greet with dave lefebre on oct 7th from 1130 to 230. we are going to have music,food and prizes. thank you for all your support happy fishing
9/17/17 hello anglers,fishing has been pretty good so far this weekend:)perch off shades at 75 fow  to shorewood,point 72 to 73 fow,condos 73 fow,point 72 fow,lighthouse 72 fow. there are some steelhead in the creeks and some out stageing outside of mouth. most popular creeks 4 and 16 and 20. anglers are using spoons,egg sacks,minnows. just remember this early in the season fish will be down low till a little bit later. shore fishing has been getting better off the piers north,south,border patrol for pan fish.buls dam northern pike and french creek walleye. we have med golden shiners in stock for 7,50 d0zen don't forget oct 7th we will have a meet and greet with dave lefebre and a dj,food(while supplies last and prizes. he might  even be doing some filming for erie extreme. our bay rat and reef runner sale 3/20.00 is still on and deep diver reef runners are 3/21.50. lots of steelhead stuff in stock also. ps time for meet and greet is 1130 am to 230 pmthat sat oct 7th. thank you for all your support happy fishing.
9/11/2017 hello anglers,exciting updates on fishing from this weekend:) 4 and 16 mile creeks have fish in them anglers were catching them bottom of 4 mile had 50 or 60 in lower hole some have made it as far as the falls. popular bait being used minnows or egg sacks some anglers were using spoons also  ko wobbler krocdile etc. anglers can cast out into the lake right now also best time is early morning or early evening.. perch 72 off the point or 73 fow off the condos shades 70 to 73 fow. walleye were mixed in with perch because the batches anglers brought in had walleye in them also.  shades for walleye 65 to 80 fow,point 72 to 80 fow using crawler harnesses or bay rat lures shore fishing is picking up also south pier perch being caught at first part of south pier after the steps,pennisula marina perch,panfish border patrol crappie. sale on all bay rats 3/20.0 or reef runners 3/20.00 or deeper reefrunners 3/21.50. big event at our store oct 7th from 1130 am to 230 pm dave lefebre meet and greet with a dj and some exciting prizes. come out and see us that day. he will have his boat and truck here and sign some autographs too.thank you for all your support happy fishing
9/2/2017 hello anglers,september is upon us and fishing is still pretty good this year so far. walleye still being caught 55 to 80 fow off shades,northeast inside of the mountain,the point 70 to 80 fow the condos 72 to 80 fow. steelhead being caught off the condos at same depth as walleye using lures long a bomber wonderbread. steelhead are being caught same depth along with the walleye. creeks are low and clear. shore fishing has been okay off the pier pennisula piers and south pier. liberty park some pan fish . lake pleasant pan fish and trout using mealworms,minnows or waxworms.union city dam catfish,walley and bass. special  buy 3 reef runners or bay rats 20 percent off. come check us out this week for all the great deals on tackle. we just got in a nice selection of steelhead tackle and we still have some clearance tackle for sale. we have a minnkora endura c2 for 175.00 sells on amazon for 213.00 wow what a deal,its great for small boats,canos. thank you for all your support happy fishing. we are working on a meet and greet for october with dave lefebre stay tuned for details. erie extreme host
8/17/2017 hello anglers perch are being caught off shades beach to northeast at 90 fow. walleye being caught at depth of 55 to 75 fow off shades and northeast. 80 fow off the point for walleye. the lighthouse is at 75 to 80 fow . shore fishing pennisula marina for crappie in the evening,south pier perch,bluegills and some bass. lake pleasant bluegills perch,and trout. come check out all of our new inventory this week and we still have lots of bay rats in stock.we have small goldens for live minnows and salted or preserved minnows in stock. lots of snacks and some new iteams to our snack rack. creeks are pretty low and their are no steelhead yet but will keep you updated
8/14/17 hello anglers,i would like to annouce that we will be part of the erie extreme family for season 2. anglers are catching fish off of shades(walleye) at 55 to 75 fow. anglers are using crawler harnesses and stick bait walleye are about55 fow down. perch are being caught off shades at 60 fow and lighthouse 60 fow and 68 fow off the hammermill stacks. anglers are catching fish off the piers at south pier,north pier,west pier. fish being caught are perch,bluegill and a few walleye off south pier. marina at the pennusula catching some crappier. lake pleasant bluegills,trout and some perch. thank you for all your support dont forget to come check us out this week lots of good prices and we are still running out buy 3 get 10 percent off sale on reef runners and bay rats lots of combos and some lake combos in stock
8/1/17 hello anglers,don't forget august 5th this sat bay rat lures will be here from noon to 4 pm giving away free smith hotdogs and pop will be included also they will have some stock with them.special will be buy 3 lures get one free. perch are hitting off shades beach at 60 fow off shore wod line up with 3 towers. walleye are anywhere from 35 to 70 fow off shades it's a mixture of little and big ones. anglers are using oranges,greens,yellows for colors in either worm harness or lures. bay rats have been pretty popular this year cedar point,mystery machine,my secret esmerelda to name a few. shore fishing has been up and down this year but anglers have been fishing the piers and catching some perch,bluegill and bass. lake pleasant  trout and pan fish . thank you for all your support happy fishing:)

7/28/17 hello anglers,fishing has been pretty good off of shades for perch 63 fow towards shorewood,off the point 60 fow that's all we have heard for perch so far. the perch are pretty nice size too,anglers are using emeralds or golden shiners for bait. walleye are in depths of 35 to 75 fow off shades and 110 fow off northeast. come check us out this weekend for all your fishing needs. don't forget that bay rat lures will be here august 5th from 12 pm till 4 or 5 pm. they will be giving away free hotdogs and pop or water will be available also. we will be running specials on bay rat lures that day. thank you for all your support happy fishing 
7/20/17 hello anglers,well fishing has been insane. bigger walleye are starting to be caught off shades at 54 fow sizes are 22 to 24 inches,perch being caught at this depth also average size 10 to 12 in.if anglers want to go out further they are being caught at up to 70 fow also. northeast for bigger fish it's a 110 fow average size 22 to 26 inches. perch have not been as active in northeast as shades beach. anglers are using spoons or crawler harnesses. we have a new sppon in stock called kranz it's real similar to stinger spoons but a cheaper price. we also have a new plug called vicious for 4.50 a piece pretty similar to reef runners but half the price. come check out thr great deals. we have reefrunners and bayrats on sale for 3 0r more purchase 10 percent off sale. lots of different perch rigs. shore fishing has been pretty good also north pier early morning for bluegills and perch south pier bass,perch,border patrol perch and bluegill. lake pleasant  trout and pan fish using maggots and mealworms. we are having a event with bay rat lures on august 5th we will have hotdogs and pop to give out plus specials running that day day they are here. it will be from 12 pm till 4 or 5 pm .dont forget to stop and check it out that day.

7/6/17 hello anglers,we have emerald shiners now. perch fishing 50 fow straight out of shades.  53 to 55 fow east of shades off 3 antennas. walleye 53 to  57 fow north and south bigger fish at 68 fow. anglers are using crawler harness or bay rats or reef runners. north and south pier perch being caught thank you for all your support

6/02/17 hello anglers,fishing season is here:)walleye are being caught off east ave using live bait and anglers have been trolling in close off of northeast and shades beach. anglers have been using crawelers with crawler harnesses.walnut creek from the mouth into the lake using rapala f-18 if you fish the east side creeks f18 or f13 can be used. perch fishing off shades at 37 to 40 fow and 35 to 40 fow off the cribs and lighthouse. bass fishing off the south pier,shades in close and northeast marina in close. like 35 to 40 fow on both. anglers are catching bass off the 16 mile creek and 12 mile creek. eaton or bulls dam they are catching crappie,pike and bass. lake pleasant blue gills are being caught .south pier they are catching bass and some perch. liberty park pan fish and border patrol perch being caught.. anglers are still catching trout at 4 mile walk bridge on water street. lampy marina using redworm they are catching bluegills. pretty busy fishing season so far this year even with the wind. we have a really nice set up for anglers wanted to catch perch for 45 plus tax its a bait casting reel and a berkley cheerywood pole and line is included. lots of tackle for walleye,and perch,trout also. we have a new line of snacks in also. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

5/01/17 hello anglers,happy may day or happy walleye day. creeks that were stocked 20 mile,4 mile and 12 mile creek. bait being used minows,mealworms and salted minnows. anglers are still catching crappie at bulls dam and now perry monument using minnows and jigs or waxworms. bass being caught at thompson bay. anglers are catching perch 40 to 45 fow off shades,ge stacks and the cribs. lake trout 65 fow off northeast. lake pleasant anglers are catching some brown trout or rainbow trout,gravel pit trout. s south pier some perch and some basss we got some items in for walleye season lead core,trolling poles and line counter reels plus lots of trout items,crappie items and we have emerald shiners in stock. we also have some new snack items for good prices chips,nuts and candy bars. come check out our store this week and get geared up for walleye crappie or perch.  we also have lots of colors to choose from in some day isle fishing jigsfor pan fish or game fish. thank you for all your support happy fishing

4/16/17 hello anglers,perch fishing has been decent off south pier,don john and sometimes liberty park,bayfront convention center and pennisula marina anglers have been doing pretty good catching blue gills,perch using minnows and whip worms tipped with a maggots. trout  fishing has been pretty good at the water works pond,gravel pit and 20 mile creek. popular bait being used maggots,waxworms and minnows. we now have emerald shiners in stock. anglers have still been catching crappie at bulls dam using minnows or jigs tipped with a maggot. we have lots of reels in stock and some nice poles for trout season. we also still have butter worms in stock. come check us out this week for all your trout needs and pan fish needs. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

3/26/17 hello anglers,perch fishing is pretty good this week hotspots liberty park,don john. anglers have been using maggots and minnows. steelhead fishing has been pretty good. upper 16 mile up by water treatment plant and upper 20 mile by tomato patch and 4 mile lower hole. using minnows,egg sacks. head of the bay anglers are catching crappies. hot specials this week 20 oz orange or mug rootbeer only .75 or diet coke 12 oz for .25 lots of reels on sale and some nice combos too. thank you for all your support happy fishing
3/19/17 hello anglers,creeks were low and clear yesterday but we got rain and snow mix last nigt which should bring those creeks up. creeks are open and 16 and upper 20 mile have fish in them. other creeks should have fish in them . 12 mile has been a pretty good creek when the water comes up same with 4 mile. anglers are using egg sacks,waxworms and minnows. anglers are still getting nice perch off the public dock,south pier up and down,also by greyhound bus station. 4th parking lot for perch and head of the bay for perch and crappie. check out our specials this week on reels,rods and other tackle. dont for get next saturday is trout mentor day check out fish and boat commision for places that trout will be stocked it will run from 730 am till 8 pm. we will have frsh bait and all kinds of tackle availble. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
3/1017 hello anglers,steelhead fishing has been pretty good this week:)16, upper 20 mile,lower 4 mile and 12 mile creek. anglers have been bringing in some nice fish. anglers have been fishing along shoreline for perch. hotspots are public dock,liberty park ,greyhouund bus station by there. 4 th parking lot and head of the bay. crappie nice crappie are being caught at head of the bay. popular bait for steelhead egg sacks,minnows and waxworms. we have some good deals on reels poles. if you are looking to get a new reel,pole or tackle come check us out. if you don't see something that you want ask we will look into getting whatever you need so you can get what you want. our suppliers can deliver within a few days. remembet that olsd slogan do it your way well we can help you with that because anything you use for fishing should be what you want.. my husband can do full set ups for walleye,perch and trout.. we swtill have lots of bay rat lures ,reefrunners with more on order and lots of crawler harnessess. come check us out this weekend get ready for the upcoming fishing sesaons. we also have different lb tess for power pro at good prices. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
3/05/2017 hello anglers,steelhead fishing is still pretty good popular creeks are 4,16 and 20 upper. most popular bait waxworms,egg sacks,and shiners. perch fishing has been pretty good also. public dock,4th parking lot,head of the bay and convention center. liberty park is up and down. we have lots of good deals on reels. we have  energy drinks 2/2.00 20 ounch mug or orange crush for .75 come check out  our store this week. we have a good supply of emerald shiners also. we also sell some day isle jigs,anglers have been using these jigs across the united states and doing well for pan fish. support your local tackle makers,we also carry bay rat lures. thank you for all yor support.:)happy fishing:) head of the bay has been good for crappie and perch.
2/16/17 Want to catch some nice size crappies? Eaton resivour has 7 inches of good ice off the NY side. The best fishing has been late afternoon to early evening. You can fish there all night if you want to. Remember you can't take minnowsfrom lake Erie unless they are certified disease free, which we do have and at the same price. Anglers are also catching Northern Pike and Pickeral, Walleye, large and small mouth bass, and perch. Best baits for pan fish at Eaton are our certified emerald shiners. Some anglers are also using wax worms or grubbs but the anglers using minnows are doing better on the crappies. We are out of the big golden shiners(pike bait) butwe do have some that are frozen. Sometimes those work just as well as live. Some of the steelhead went back out in the lake with the last blow out of the mile creeks but it's winter and sometimes you have to work for them. Still good numbers but not like it was before the ice broke out and the creeks got high. Lower pools have fresh fish and upper pools have darker steelhead. Egg sacks and single eggs and minnows have been best. Fly fishers have done well with sucker spawn and egg patterns. Perch fishing has been pretty good off Dobbins late afternoon. Some areas on the penninsula have also been good for perch with an occasional steelhead. If your in an area and only catching tiny perch then try moving to another area. 

2/13/2017 hello anglers,steelhead fishing is pretty good right now creeks were blown out yesterday but should be good for afternoon fishing. all creeks have fish in them up high or low. popular bait minnows,waxworms and egg sacks.  anglers are fishing the 4 th parking lot for perch from shore and public dock for perch. we still have clearance left in store reels,line and gloves. come check it out waxworms 8.00 for 250 till supplies are gone. mug or crush 20 oz bottles .75 energy drinks 2/2.00. we still have bulk salomon eggs for sale 10.00 lb give us at least a days notice you can call the store and we will get them ready for you when you're ready to fish. thank your for all your support:)happy fishing:)we are now on twitter follow us:)
hello anglers,steelhead fishing is still pretty good for this time of year:)it's going to be a real nice weekend and shore fishing is starting to heat up also.anglers are catching perch off the 3rd and 4th parking lot from shore. public dock has also been pretty good for perch. nice clearance sale going on come check us out this weekend. we have lots of smoked steelhead in stock for trade. we are now on twitter and i update that also. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
2/9/17 Steelhead fishing in the mile creeks is the best I've seen this season. This weekend will be in the 50's so grab your gear and stop in to find out the hot spots. Also the bay ice is gone and guys are catching perch from shore now. We got emerald shiners so get your bait and find out the latest hot spots. We got some items we put on clearance that are great items and great savings for you, Power pro braid is one of the best braids, 30 lb was 17.99 now 9.99 also 65lb same price, these are 150yd spools. Shimano Sienna 500fd was 36.95 now 21,95 save 15.00, Shimano Syncopate 2500FG was 37.95 now 22.95 save 15.00 Shimano Catana2500FC was 59.95 now 39.95 save 20.00, want line on them add 1.00. Limited supply, once they are gone thats the end of the sale. Huntworth Shield and Destroyer Gloves was 24.95 now 14.95. Limited supply
size XL/L and & M/L 1 pair youth M/L. 

2/1/17 Creeks are still good and plenty of fish. If it gets cold and they start to slush up then hit 16 mile. My buddy just called and he walked out on Eaton resivour on the Ny side. He walked out about 100 yards but no auger to see how thick. He said it looked like good ice and he didnt fall through. If you go and check the ice thickness or go fishing give me a call and let me me know. 898-3474. 

1/26/17 hello anglers,come check out our specials waxworms for 8.00 for 250 ct till supplies last,20 oz flavored sodas mug or crush for 75. cents a bottle. anglers have been fishing south pier and public dock for perch. creeks are still fishable and anglers are using minnows,sigle eggs and egg sacks this week for steelhead. we have the smaller minnows for perch fishing. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)ps no snow yet

1/26/17 I 'm wondering if this web site is a good thing or bad thing. It seems like all the snaggers are out in full force. I'm going to tell you the creeks are fishable and that's about it. Want the low down with the best spots then stop in and buy something and I'll help you out. Just came back from a dealers show and brought back a lot of reels that are great deals with major savings. Buy it from me and I'll spool you up for the price of the reel with some great line at no extra cost. 

1/21/17 The smaller creeks are running fast this morning and tea colored. Scattered mist rain mostly all day. The people that have been fishing the past few days (when it's been fishable) have been doing pretty good catching some silver fish mostly at the lower pools. The reports I've been getting that walmart and kmart have not been able to print new license, so before you leave home make sure you do your license online or vist your local authorized license shop. We don't do license here. If you don't know how to do it online get someone to help you. Print extra copys for free. Here is a quick guide to doing it yourself online. Google search, type buy PA fishing license online. Look for the one that reads buy online from the pafbc web site. Have last years license handy, you will need the cid number. A tip, when it asks you if you want the trout stamp click yes also click yes for lake erie stamp then uncheck and get the combo whicj will save you a few bucks. The rest is pretty easy. Once you print it and sign it your good for the year. 

1/19/17 Just now took a look at 4 mile creek and it looks awesome for steelhead fishing. Great flow and a little off color. With the warm tempatures the next few days it should be great fishing depending on how much rain we get on Saturday. I'm sure the rest of the mile creeks are just as nice. Eaton resivour has 6 inches of ice still but you'll need a board or waders to get onto the ice. 

1/14/17 Eaton has 10 inches of ice as reported by customers but the shore line is soft maybe hard by today. Steelhead fishing on the mile creeks, good flow and green colored water not dirty.  Ice on your eyelets may be an issue. Not sure about Lake Plesant, so if your going there let me know so we can pass it along. The next 3 days including today. Let us see your East End Angler sticker on your vehicle or bucket and spend $10.00 will get a cupon for 2 free dozen lake erie emerald shiners. Does not include certified minnows. This will apply to the first customer in the door that mentions this and has the East End Angler  sticker for the next 3 days. 

1/13/17 Just took a look at the smaller mile creeks that are close to the store. Looks like they are starting to come down. Maybe some will be fishable later on today and will be good for fishing Saturday and Sunday. If your keeping your fish try to keep the males as the females don't have much meat this time of year. The males have a hook on the lower jaw. I hope everyone that called will stop in. We have good fresh bait and we just smoked  a bunch of steelhead. Our most popular flavor is brown sugar burbon so we did a few extra. Howard Eaton might still be fishable with the cold temps last night but you may need a board to get on the ice. Last time anglers fished there we had awesome reports of big crappie and some big norther being caught. They stocked pickerel there and have not talked to anyone that caught any yet. Size limit on pickerel there is 18 inches and pike are 24 inches. Some huge walleye have been caught there as well. We got some Northland jigging spoons that work very good for walleye tipped with some minnows. I'll have a report later today on current ice conditions there and will update as I hear what they are. 

1/06/17 hello anglers,fishing has been pretty decent considering the horrible weather. anglers came up from pittsburgh and had a great time in the afternoon hours on 16 mile creek. 4 mile creek still have fish in it at lower and upper pools. 20 mile not really sure but northeast did get alot of snow. eaton or bulls dam has 5 to 6 inches of good ice and 5 to 6 inches of slushy mixture on top. anglers have been catching nice crappie and also northern pike. edinboro lake also has safe ice. anglers have been using jigs tipped with a maggot for northern pike. we have certified emerald,fatheads medium golden shiners in stock right now for all you're inland water fishing. lake pleasant has some ice still and anglers are catching nice trout using mealworms,waxworms for the pan fish. we have fresh waxworms,maggots and we still have night crawlers. come check out our new supply of ice fishing tackle. real nice selection this year. we stil have our energy drinks 2/2.00. starbucks 2/3.00 we have coke 12 oz cans .50 cheapest in town. we have different kinds of jerky also. i have not heard about misery bay yet so please don't try it unless you know that it's safe. please for areas i have not mentioned in this report take polar picks,spud bar and a whistle with you and also a fishing buddy in case ou go through. happy fishing and stay safe this ice fishing season:)thank you for all your support:)
1/01/17 hello anglers,happy new year:)bulls dam over by new york side by dam ice is 5 to 6 inches. 3 to 4 inches in some other spots. lake pleasant still has ice but not sure how thick it is. anglers are using wax worms maggots and meal worms at lake pleasant. anglers have been catching blue gills,crappie and northern pike at bulls dam. steelhead fisherman have been doing decent for this time of year. hotspots have been 4 mile creek lower and upper by the foot bridge,16 mile creek. anglers are using minnows,maggots and night crawlers. anglers have not been fishing the piers because of the weather. the anglers were catching burbout and some perch. thank you for all your support:)dont forget we have energy drinks 2 for 2.00. happy fishing:)

12/30/16 We want to thank our loyal and new customers for your support of our store this past year and look forward to serving you agin this new year. 
Ice at Lake Plesant is 3 to 4 inches and ice at Eaton is 7 inches as we have been told. Over by the dam at Eaton a customer told us they got into some nice crappie using red or black jigs tipped with grubbs. Again Happy New Year!

Wave report: click or copy and paste http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.181723498412396&lon=-80.20156860351562&site=cle&smap=1&marine=0&unit=0&lg=en

Here are some pictures that have been on the camera for some time:

5-8-12 Got some great news to share today. Todd Young of Nazerth PA caught a new PA state record Lake Trout while fishing aboard Eyecon II fishing charter out of North East PA with Captain Scott Snyder. The fish was 39 inches long had a girth of 26 inches and the weight was 29.28 lbs. This was caught off the mountain. Hats off guys for a super great catch!

Wave report for the Lake; click on the link below:



Anglers are NOT permitted to utilize the foot bridge at the dam in order to cross the stream at 4 Mile creek.  Anglers must enter the stream from the footpath located on the stream's east side near the Lawrence Park fishing club (between the yellow ropes).

Please remember that the conditions can change from minute to minute or hour to hour.  If we post a report that someone caught fish at some point in time or place, that they may have swam away by the time you get there or the conditions have changed & is no longer fishable, which does happen quite often.