9/22/16 hello anglers,walleye fishing is still going on at 55 to 70 fow off shades,northeast 90 to 100 fow. anglers are still using crawler harnesses,bay rat lures. popular colors being used are pink/black,purple/black. purple's in lures.perch fishing is heating up at 52 fow off shades,55 fow off the point and 55 fow off the lighthouse. anglers have been fishing the piers and have been catching some perch. walleye have been caught off the south pier. anglers are still using golden shiners until we get emerald shiners when the weather gets cooler. 20 mile creek has had some fish in it the last couple days and 4 mile creeks has some also. anglers have been fishing from the mouth out into the lake using spoons or big lures. the creek conditions are low and clear right now until we get some more rain. anglers have been catching some nice browns out of 20 mile creek casting out into the lake. the best time to fish for steelhead in early season is early morning/later in the evening. we have  a nice selection of poles,noodle rods,reels and tackle for whatever you want to fish for. special this week energy drinks 2/2.50. come check us out this weekend.just a reminder please don't call the store asking for a fishing report while your reading our website,we don't lie about our fishing reports. we will give you the truth no matter if it's bad or good thank for understanding:) thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

 9/18/2016 hello anglers,anglers are still catching walleye:)walleye being caught off shades at 55 to 65 fow and 55 feet down. northeast still has alot of fish at 90 to 100 fow. perch being caught at the condos at 60 fow,point 60 fow,lighthouse 62 fow off shades at 60 to 65 fow straight out of shades. anglers are trolling close to 20 mile creek using spoons catching steelhead. 4 mile there are a few steelhead in there. shore fishing is starting to pick up. anglers are catching perch off the south pier early morning or later in the evening hours.don john has been pretty good also. library for crappies. liberty park bluegills.special on energy drinks this week 2/2.50. we have lots of tackle in stock. come check mus out this weekend. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

8/29/16 hello anglers,walleye fishing is still pretty good at shades 45 to 65 fow 35 feet down. northeast 100 fow around the same depth down. anglers have been using crawler harnesses with black/purple patterns,.blue patterns and pink patterns. popular lures being used bay rats flashy muff,esmerelda. perch is picking up a little bit off the point and the lighthouse at 55 fow, some action off the greenfields at 53 fow. lake pleasant anglers have been catching bluegills,trout and some crappies. bait being used there is waxworms,maggots redworms or nightcrawlers. south pier some perch are being caught early morning hours. liberty park some bass and blue gills. bulls dam bass and some crappies being caught. we still have plenty of perch and walleye tackle still avalable also. we now have starbucks coffee products,ocean spray juices and energy drinks. we sell them close to dollar general prices. we have a nice selection of steelhead tackle in stock also. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

   8-24-16 Ive been getting too many phone calls, people asking for emerald shiners. The water is too warm right now and they are out deep. If we did get any, keep them alive would be nearly impossible. Most of the shops in this area now have either fatheads or golden shiners. We do have salted emerald shiners and most likely wont have any live emeralds untill the water cools down. Its the same thing every year this time of year. If we did find some they would be in 4 to 5 inch size and not many people like them that big for perch. 
    Perch have been straight out of shades around 59 fow. No limits but catching some. Also off the towers by 12 mile creek around 48 to 63 fow. Some guys have been reporting some huge ju

Wave report: copy and paste http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.181723498412396&lon=-80.20156860351562&site=cle&smap=1&marine=0&unit=0&lg=en

Here are some pictures that have been on the camera for some time:

5-8-12 Got some great news to share today. Todd Young of Nazerth PA caught a new PA state record Lake Trout while fishing aboard Eyecon II fishing charter out of North East PA with Captain Scott Snyder. The fish was 39 inches long had a girth of 26 inches and the weight was 29.28 lbs. This was caught off the mountain. Hats off guys for a super great catch!


Wave report for the Lake; click on the link below


Anglers are NOT permitted to utilize the foot bridge at the dam in order to cross the stream at 4 Mile creek.  Anglers must enter the stream from the footpath located on the stream's east side located between the Lawrence Park fishing club.(between the yellow ropes)
Please remember that the conditions can change from minute to minute or hour to hour.  If we post a report that someone caught fish at some point in time or place, that they may have swam away by the time you get there or the conditions have changed & is no longer fishable, which does happen quite often.