12/14/14 hello anglers,well we have gotten some rain usually with some rain we get some more new fish. it's calling for rain the next couple days not alot but maybe enough to help creeks keep flowing and new fish coming in. towards the middle of the week it's calling for snow and cooler temps. the next few days will be warmer also temps in the 40's. anglers we are in winter steelhead fishing now. it's alot different than fall fishing because you have to be more patient and quite. fish tend to be alot spookier than in the fall. so it's not a good idea to be splashing around in the creek or walking down through the creek either.fish will take off either out to the lake or higher up. hot spots are 16 and 20 mile creeks either down by the mouth or higher up in the creeks. popular bait minnows,maggots or hard cured eggs(single eggs). anglers have still been catching fish off the piers and marina lake. fish being caught are some pan fish and perch. border patrol is still a hotspot for perch and pan fish also.marina lake is another hotspot for perch. anglers reported catching alot last couple weekends. come in and do your christmas shopping with us only 11 more days until christmas:) we also have gift certficates. thank you for all your support:) happy fishing:)
12/7/14 hello anglers, fishing should be pretty decent today:)creeks are at a nice level and new fish should have come in. creeks were running pretty high fast and dirty yesterday. hotspots have been 4,7,16 and 20. 12 mile here and there. popular bait being used minnows and maggots,single eggs also. fishing off the piers and border patrol should still be pretty good for perch and pan fish. some steelhead being caught also. inland waters have been pretty quite for awhile. pretty soon it will pick up for ice fishing. some ice fishing items have been put out,so if you have somebody on your christmas list that has a need for ice fishing stuff it's here. we still have plenty of items for sale for all your tackle needs. come check us out:)great prices:) don't forget at the end of this fishing report there is a link for the weather chanel if you need to check weather out. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
12/04/14 hello anglers, we will be getting some rain on friday not sure how much but it's coming. creek conditions low and clear with some good flow to them. anglers that have been fishing have being catching some smaller fish with some larger fish also. alot of the fish that came in to be cleaned over the weekend where newer fish which is a good sign. anglers have been fishing up high or down by the mouth weather permitting. still fish in the creeks only creek i heard that has ice by the mouth is 12 mile creek. temps are going to be a little warmer in the 40's they say over the weekend. alot of anglers are still deer hunting so now is the time to  come up and fish. no crowded streams and fish to be caught.hotspots are 4 mile,20mile and sixteen mile. popular bait maggots and live minnows. the piers are still pretty hot depending on the wind. anglers are catching perch and some pan fish. border patrol has been pretty good also. we still have plenty of tackle for all your fishing needs. stop in and get some stocking stuffers for that angler in your life. thank you for all your support :) happy fishing:) we also have a link to the weather channel in case you need to check rain or snow conditions:)
12/01/2014 hello anglers,we got some rain during the night i would say 1/4 to 1/2 of rain so it should help a little bit. calling for some more rain during the week. if you want to fish the streams this is the time to do it. buck season has started and there will be less anglers on the stream. weather is going to be pretty good this week for dec. typical steelhead weather. only real cold day is thurs 28 degress for a high yikes.we have very little snow left and most of the leaves should be out of the creeks. hot spots 4 mile in the morning 7 mile,12 mile and 20 mile. the piers should still be pretty hot for perch and some pan fish. you may be able to catch some steelhead also. we still have alot of steelhead tackle left and lots of other tackle left. come check us out for stocking stuffers or just christmas presents. lots to choose from. thank you for all support happy fishing. we still have fresh smoked steelhead too:)
11/26/2014 hello anglers creeks are wide open and have fish in them. it should be pretty good fishing today. anglers started bringing in fish yesterday. hotspots 4,16. bait being used minnows,wax worms and maggots. anglers have been catching them in northeast marina also and east ave boat launch. anglers are still doing pretty good off the piers when weather permits. border patrol and don joh's another good spot. we have plenty of smoked fish if you want to trade your fish in. we still have alot of steelhead tackle left for all your fishing needs. thanksgiving day we will be open 8 am till 1 pm if u need bait or tackle. happy thanksgiving everyone. thank you for all your support we could'nt do it without you:)happy fishing:)
11/20/2014 hello anglers,creeks are frozen but should be able to be broken pretty easily. 16 mile never freezes except down by the mouth but steelhead still come in. anglers are catching fish nice fresh ones probably in 16 mile because it's all the way open. please anglers do not walk down through the middle of the creek to see if there is fish in there. that just scares them and ruins other people's fishing. please be considerate of other anglers while in the streams there's enough fish for every one. the only frozen water i have heard of is lake plesant  and bulls dam but please do not walk on it it's not safe yet. well this weekend is going to be nice and next week i believe. the streams will be a little high but they come down fast and lots of new fish in the creeks. the piers and border patrol are still fishable. fish being caught are perch,steelhead and some walleye. please don't forget small business saturday. we have a nice selection of tackle for all your anglers needs:) thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
11/19/14 The creeks are still in good shape. This Saturday is small business Saturday. A time to show your support for small business, like this one that is always there for you when you need your bait or tackle. We are open 7 days a week all year from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. A couple of nice lures for walleye fishing in the stocking or a new winter hat. There is plenty here to choose from without having to go to the mall. If you like this report then please come show you support for your locally owned small business.

11/15/2014 hello anglers,well it snowed in lawerence park and harborcreek but northeast only got 3 inches. alot of anglers i talked to yesterday said creeks were still low with a slight tint to them. anything past 7 mile hardley got snow. 16 and 20 mile were the hot creeks yesterday with yet another coho salamon  caught at 20 mile. that makes 2 just this week. it's been a crazy steelhead season. local anglers have been catching steelhead off east ave,lampe marina,border patrol also. so there's plenty of steelhead if you don't feel like fishing the streams. it's been a pretty good year roads are clear so come on up for some good fishing.the temps are going to warm up  a little it the next couple of days in the high 30's:) shore fishing has been pretty good border patrol and the piers have been good for perch ,some crappie and some steelhead. don john they have been catching walleye,steelhead and some smaller perch. the bigger fish are being caught during the evening hours or early morning. we still have plenty of tackle for all your fishing needs. we also have some new products in the store come check us out. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)
11/14/2014 hello anglers,well it's snowing we have about 5 to 6 in so far but anglers are still fishing the creeks. creeks are not high yet but the snow is helping the creek flow and giving it some tint. hot spots 16 and 12 mile creek. alot of brown trout being caught in 16 mile and an angler also caught a co ho salmon in 16 mile creek. shore fisherman are doing pretty good off the piers catching perch. crappie are being caught at the marina at the pennisula and lampe marina. border patrol perch being caught and steelhead too. don john perch,steelhead and some walleye. it's been pretty busy for the shore fisherman this year hopefully it keeps going. inland water are pretty quite right now but if the weather keeps up we'll have ice fishing ther soon. we have lots of gear to keep you warm this winter. temps are not real cold and not alot of wind blowing. creek fishing should be pretty good friday through the weekend. come on up still lots of fish to be caught. the smaller creeks should be pretty good also 4 and 7 mile creeks. we have lots of steelhead gear:) come check us out this weekend:) thank you for all your support:) happy fishing:)

Wave report: copy and paste http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.181723498412396&lon=-80.20156860351562&site=cle&smap=1&marine=0&unit=0&lg=en

Here are some pictures that have been on the camera for some time:

5-8-12 Got some great news to share today. Todd Young of Nazerth PA caught a new PA state record Lake Trout while fishing aboard Eyecon II fishing charter out of North East PA with Captain Scott Snyder. The fish was 39 inches long had a girth of 26 inches and the weight was 29.28 lbs. This was caught off the mountain. Hats off guys for a super great catch!


Wave report for the Lake; click on the link below


Anglers are NOT permitted to utilize the foot bridge at the dam in order to cross the stream at 4 Mile creek.  Anglers must enter the stream from the footpath located on the stream's east side located between the Lawrence Park fishing club.(between the yellow ropes)
Please remember that the conditions can change from minute to minute or hour to hour.  If we post a report that someone caught fish at some point in time or place, that they may have swam away by the time you get there or the conditions have changed & is no longer fishable, which does happen quite often.