12/7/16 Rain yesterday gave the mile creeks some much needed flow and with the colder tempatures some good color to the water. This morning the water will be fast and later today should be perfect conditions. With that being said there should be another good run of fish coming in the creeks. Snow is in the forecast for Thursday thru Saturday with some areas getting up to 2 feet. Stop in for the hot spots for steelhead and one area where some jumbo perch are being caught.. Burbot are also being caught and if you never caught one stop in and I'll show you what I use to catch these delious fish. There are alot of misconceptions about catching burbot and I found some pretty sime ways to catch them. So stop out for your bait and I'll be happy to show you. We also have very nice gift certifificates that make great gifts and plenty of lures that make great stocking stuffers. Come show your support for a locally owned bait and tackle shop that is open year round to provide you with great bait and tackle that can make your fishing fishing trip a success. We also have a fair supply of loose eggs for sale at only $10.00 lb , hands down the best price around. Plenty of emerald shiners and a good supply of certified bait.  Make sure you tell your spouse or loved ones about our gift certificates where you know you get the best prices on bait and tackle with no comparision to any any of the stores prices on Peach st. 

We have been inspected by the United States Food and Drug Adminastration so you know your getting top quality smoked fishwhen you bring yours in to get a smoked fish. 

12/2/16 A couple guys came in that were fishing 12 mile saying the creek is perfect. They caught quite a few so far. 

12/2/16 Just looked at 4 mile creek and I would fish it but most anglers don't like fast water that's stained. I don't know if I would try to cross it with waders on but the upper part in the big holes looks very promising. So with that said I would say that 4, 7 and 12 could be fished this morning. Maybe by the afternoon they will be down and more clear. As I get reports from 16 and 20 mile I will give a report. There is snow falling up by I90 right now. We really need this to cool the water down so the fish come in from the lake. The past couple of days have been good for most anglers. We have seen some pretty big fish brought in to get cleaned and they said there was not many people fishing the mile creeks. We have also worked it out this Sunday we will be open at 6:00am but still closing at 3. 

11/30/16 This Sunday Lynne and I are going to Lock Haven PA for my mothers 80th birthday party. We have a friend of ours Daryl running the store. Limited hours just for this Sunday. Open at 8am and close at 3pm. So if you plan on going fishing first thing Sunday morning then stop in the night before for your minnows. We have some really nice sized emerald shiners either for the pan fish or steelhead anglers. Not many anglers on the creeks right now and the fish are really blending in with their surroundings so it's easy to miss them. 4 mile at the bottom has quite a few fish and also above rt 5. Not much at 12 mile and depending if the snaggers got into to 7 mile if there are fish. 16 and 20 mile don't seem to have very many but there are fish. 

11/29/16 About 1/4" of rain fell last night making for fresh fish to come in and give the creeks some great flow and color. Odd that there are not many anglers fishing. Saw a couple more huge brown trout this weekend. Near 60 outside today.

11/26/16 The Mile creeks fished really good this moring but for most anglers now they are high and muddy. A nice couple stopped to show me the brown trout they landed from 7 Mile that was close to 10lbs. Caught on a maggot cluster. By later today the creeks should be good or tomorrow morning. Today is small business Saturday. 

11/25/16 We sure hope that everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving. We had close to a quater inch of rain and it is still a light drizzle. It's going to be cloudy all day so with the rain we got and being cloudy, today should be a great day to be out fishing in the creeks for steelhead. The perch bite off the south pier has been stedily improving. If your fishing in the bay and have more than one pole then try using a slip bobber with a live minnow for bait and you might be suprized how many steelhead you can catch that way. IF IT'S a little wavey then try a black mini foo or motor oil color tipped with a couple grubbs for some steelhead action. We are fully stocked with emerald shiners and if anyone is fishing any inland waters we have some really great sized certified golden shiners. I did hear a couple anglers talking about some great walleye action on French Creek. I did not ask them where. I get many anglers asking this one question, what are the fish biting on? What fish? perch , crappie, walleye, steelhead. Most are asking about steelhead and my answer is this, take several baits . We also have a state certified scale and the paper work for angler awards. 

11/22/16 If you can fish for steelhead now is the time to fish. A good run of some big fishcame in with the rain and snow we got. One angler and his son got 8 today and kept 2 really nice silver fish in the 7 to 8 lb range. The wind finally is winding down to 7 mph out of the east now. I don't have much else to report for the perch and crappie anglers becuase no one has been out. The lake water tempature has dropped to the upper 40's and its burbot time off the north and south piers. Emerald shiners is the best bait for Burbot and I fish for them just like I'm fishing for perch. If you have never had Burbot to eat your missing out on some really good table fare. Lake Erie Lobster.

11/19/16 A perfect storm to bring the fish in the creeks. Cold snow and rain, If that doesn't bring in the fish then I don't have a clue where they are. Just smoked some fish and they are ready for Thanksgiving or deer camp. Talking about Thanksgiving, we willbe open on Thanksgiving from 6:00 am untill 11:00 am or longer if it's busy. We are ready for this cold with some really nice neoprene gloves to keep your hands from freezing. A fresh run came in 20 mile the other day so with the rain and snow they should move up to the tomato patch area. Just a reminder for those that read this, The 29th is small business Saturday. I know alot you guys really support us all year and we really appreciate that. We got some new noodle rods in that just came out made by JBI with a soft case and a 3 year warranty. We can also now sell salmon eggs bulk with a 5 lb limit instead of a 1 lb limit. Those are some really great eggs and a super great price at 10.00 lb. Hope to see you this week and as we get solid reports on fish coming in we will do our best to keep you updated. One place thats been really overlooked by many anglers is upper 4 Mile creek. This past week we saw one hole with over 50 fish. Access is on Water St and Cumberland St off route 20. 

11/15/16 Really not much to report with a lack of rain. Someone did find a top section of a fly rod at 12 mile creek and its here at the store. I read a report on facebook that said there are npo fish in 20 mile. Thats funny! My friends fished there on Sunday and watched some anglers walk past them saying there waqs no fish in the that creek. I guess the 7 fish just jumped on their stringers. We hear that comment alot, there are no fish. I fished Sunday at 4 mile and there are alot of fish in there but catching them in low water is a challange, especially when there's 22 people fishing one hole. Alot of anglers were catching fish there untill about 1030 then they just shut down. I mananged to land 2. Best baits have been emerald shiners, skein, egg patterns for flys, egg sacks, and single eggs. Good luck anglers and remember that this is the time of year the lake trout come in close to spawn. They usually don't come in the creeks but I did see some inside Northeast marina last night. They eat just the same as steelhead. You will find more of them off 16 and 20 mile creeks than anywhere else. If you hook into one be prepaired for a battle. They get up towards 20 to 30 lbs. A few years ago me and my buddy caught 5 inside NE marina this time of year casting small spoons. Don't forget a landing net. Anglers fishing the bay have been doing good catching perch and crappie JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE YOU can access the water along with the marina on the penninsula. Don't foget we have smoked fish and we can clean your catch. Smoked fish is $13.25 plus tax and cleaning is $2.00 or $3.0. You have to catch a fish to get a smoked fish and we don't take fish under 3 lbs becuase they dry up too bad in the smoker. Most of fish this year seem to be in the 5 lb size. We offer 5 diffferent flavors of smoked fish and most people will say its the best around. 

11/10/16 Houston, we have a serious problem. How can there be 30 or more fish in one hole, one day and 0 the next day? Plus we got no rain for them to move up the stream. Don't ask me where all the fish are. Maybe people need to start stepping up to the plate doing their part getting those people off the creeks that snag and net all the fish out Maybe we need more undercover. I don't have the answers. There are fish in the creeks but you have to look hard for them as they blend in with the leaves and the color of the water. Conditions are low and clear so stay out of the water if you want to catch any. Try fishing like your fishing for native brook trout. 

11/9/16 We got about .20 of rain and a little more this morning. Should help with some better flow and bring more fish in east side tribs. Minnows and egg sacks have been good bait. We have some really good quality emerald shiners, a mixed bag on size. Just a heads up to let you know that emerald shiners are native to lake Erie and thats the prefered food for steelhead.  We also have certified golden shiners for anyone wanting to fish inland. If the water is clear then you should stay out of the water. There are alot of anglers complaing about the fish not hitting. They can see very good so when you wade into the creek they get spooked very easy. It's more like fishing for native brook trout. Be sneaky. If the wind is from the south then the lake shore will be calm and anglers are still catching steelhead in the lake. Remember the fish are close to the shoreline so stay out of the water. We catch our minnows out of the lake so please remember they have to stay here and cant be transported out of the lake erie watershed. 

11/3/16 Steelhead anglers are in for some great fishing the next couple of days. Rainfall total as of now was .57 making that just the right amount to give the creeks some good flow and off color. Anglers have been reporting good catches on all the creeks. Mornings have been good using wax worms and red or nightcrawler worms. Emerald shiners have been good in the afternoon along with egg sacks. We have added a new color purple and it seems like we are getting fair responce from it. If the lake is calm anglers are still catching fish at the creek mouths using casting spoons. Here are 3 very important tips for fishing clear water, 1 Stay out of the water, 2 Stay out of the water, 3. Dont wear bright colors. Hook em and cook em, good luck fishing!

11/2/16: There are fish in all the creeks on the east side. Some anglers are complaing about no fish in the creeks. I know there are fish becuase I was catching them. Yes they are hard to see unless they flash. The other day the water was like chocolate milk so how can they say there was no fish. One group of anglers watched a couple guys walk right past a hole with fish and then heard them say there's no fish. Best tip I can give is to slow down take plenty of bait with multiple choices of bait and wear polarized glasses. If there's no fish then I wonder why I'm cleaning record numbers of fish here. We are not the weather man so before you travel many hours to get here do your own research on the weather. there are fish in all creeks and we are suppose to get rain thurs nov 3 between an half in to 1 in. anglers are fishing all piers and border patrol and catching perch and some piers they are catching crappie. thank you for all your support:)happy fishing:)

Wave report: click or copy and paste http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.181723498412396&lon=-80.20156860351562&site=cle&smap=1&marine=0&unit=0&lg=en

Here are some pictures that have been on the camera for some time:

5-8-12 Got some great news to share today. Todd Young of Nazerth PA caught a new PA state record Lake Trout while fishing aboard Eyecon II fishing charter out of North East PA with Captain Scott Snyder. The fish was 39 inches long had a girth of 26 inches and the weight was 29.28 lbs. This was caught off the mountain. Hats off guys for a super great catch!

Wave report for the Lake; click on the link below:



Anglers are NOT permitted to utilize the foot bridge at the dam in order to cross the stream at 4 Mile creek.  Anglers must enter the stream from the footpath located on the stream's east side near the Lawrence Park fishing club (between the yellow ropes).

Please remember that the conditions can change from minute to minute or hour to hour.  If we post a report that someone caught fish at some point in time or place, that they may have swam away by the time you get there or the conditions have changed & is no longer fishable, which does happen quite often.